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Exhibition of Visual and Performative Arts of the Overlap project

We All Are B is the Exhibition of Visual and Performative Arts of the Overlap project, of which it develops the themes by divulging them through works that use different artistic languages.
The exhibition is one of the results of the project, but it is independent as regards narrative developments, thus becoming a further investigation tool.

With the exhibition WE ALL ARE B, the Myth of the Foundation of a community that recognizes itself in an intertwining of cultures that inhabit Africa and Europe where the Mediterranean becomes a center of gathering and comparison is outlined.

The Migration of birds, men and fish is the subject of the myth.
The Narration is divided into three chapters: Borders, Biodiversity, Biography.

We all are biographies, we all are borders, we all are biodiversity.

In fact, all Biographies are Migrations that constantly face Borders generating elements of diversity for adaptation to the new context, to incessant change, creating Biodiversity.

The title is a declaration of humility towards anthropocentric domination, nobody is A towards someone else, we are all interdependent, where by all we also mean the vegetable and mineral world, not just the animal one.

A reflection on the identity of the human being, on what we are.

The exhibition develops through an installation that represents a three-dimensional map, a world made up of continuous movements, worn-out routes and new horizons full of surprises.



CURATORSHIP: Dario La Stella, Valentina Solinas
CURATORSHIP COLLABORATION: MACC - Museo d'Arte Contemporanea di Calasetta, Galleria CULT
WORK GROUP: Cinzia Atzeni, Ivonne Bello, Gabriele Bennati, Mamadou Barry, Raffaele Cattedra, Lucia Cherchi, Bakary Coulibaly,  Bakary Dembele, Elisa Ferrari, Gianluca Gaias, Rosi Giua, Marco Iozzo, Erica Lucchi, Dario La Stella, Margherita Riva, Silvia Serreli, Boubacar Sissoko, Makamba Sissoko, Siranding Mady Sissoko, Valentina Solinas, Francesco Squarotti, Desmond Sylvester, Tom Walker, Ambra Zambernardi
PRESS OFFICE: Rossella Porcheddu
PROJECT PARTNER OF THE EXHIBITION: Associazione Tusitala, Centro Studi Fauna, Ente Parco Nazionale dell'Asinara, Università degli Studi di Sassari, Università degli Studi di Cagliari
WITH THE SUPPPORT OF: CopyRight, Fondazione di Sagrdegna, Delcomar, Ente Parco Nazionale dell'Asinara, Fondazione MACC, Galleria CULT, Senza Confini Di Pelle
IN COLLABORATION WITH: Calar Tonnara, Cosmomed



From the 26th of September to the 3rd of November 2020
MACC - Museo di Arte Contemporanea di Calasetta
Via Savoia, 2 Calasetta (CI) - tel. 0781 887219 - www.fondazionemacc.it

From the 18th of October to the 30th of October 2020
Galleria CULT
Bastioni Marco Polo, 39 Alghero (SS) - galleriacult@gmail.com

From the 19th of May to the 30th of September 2021
Museo Casa Deriu
Corso Vittorio Emanuele IIa, 59 Bosa (OR) - tel. 0785 377043 - www.tacsvt.it

From the 13th of August to the 12th of September 2021
Museo Casa Manno
Via Santa Barbara, 23 Alghero (SS) - www.casamanno.it

From the 05th of September to the 12th of September 2021
MUT - Museo della Tonnara
Via Lepanto, 36 Stintino (SS) - tel. 0781 887219 - www.mutstintino.com

From the 12th of July to the 12th of October 2022
Asinara National Park
Chiesa di Cala Reale - tel. 079 503388 - www.parcoasinara.org

From the 05th of November to the 20th of November 2022
FAI Saline Conti Vecchi
Zona industriale Macchiareddu, Assemini (CA) - tel. 070 247032 - fondoambiente.it












CONCEPT: Dario La Stella, Valentina Solinas
DIRECTION: Dario La Stella
CHOREOGRAPHY AND PERFORMER: Ivonne Bello, Dario La Stella, Valentina Solinas, Claudia Adragna
MUSIC: Ryuichi Sakamoto, Lucio Dalla





No boundaries are clear in nature, even a dry stone wall contains a world.

The rebel group is a barrier, they are there to take your money.
The desert is yellow like the difficulty.
Crossing the sea is dangerous, you can't get to Sardinia without the help of Europe.
We crossed the Sahara in 50 people in the same vehicle that broke down during the trip and we stayed 3 days in the middle of the desert.
I lost my mother between Libya and Algeria, I was in prison for 5 months, it is inexplicable in words.
Three women were pregnant on the broken boat in the middle of the Mediterranean sea, 2 of them died.

Golden eagle, Griffins, hawks, young people up to the third year of age do nothing but turn and explore the territory, their task is to look for new nesting sites, new sources of food. This is because the colonies cannot become too dense in population.

Alghero to leave anywhere.
The Mediterranean has brought new cultures to Sardinia.
Sardinia is like a square enclosure, a labyrinth where you can follow passions.
The future is a bit geometric, it's a bit there, no one knows.
What I lived in the journey between Algeria and Libya cannot be expressed in words.


In biology, within an ecosystem, each species occupies its own space, the greater the presence of different elements, the greater the stability of the system.
The human body is constantly changing.
The movement of man changes the environment.

During the period in Libya I lost my spirit, I have to thank the Italians for giving me back courage and hope.
Thanks also to this project I got to know many aspects of nature, animals and plants, and to relate many important aspects of life and find new knowledge.
I thank Italy for the tranquillity and respect for the person.

Culture is like a virus that adapts, changing itself, to the context it encounters or if it remains extraneous to the context, it excludes it.

Nature is a utopia.
Beautiful things happen in life by chance.
The trip to Sarajevo was fundamental to change my life, to give me courage in a difficult moment.
I have lived in Belgium, Spain, Portugal, Brazil.
The sense of what I am doing has brought me closer to my being a human being and therefore in close contact with nature.


The French swallows migrate to Nigeria, the Spanish to Cameroon, the Italians to the Central African Republic, the English who are the largest in the South African Republic.

From Stintino start all the emotions.
I would like to go around the world.
All the experiences I had through creativity made me discover myself.

In the culture of the Soninke (Mali, Ghana) there is a kind of initiatory journey. The young man at some point in his life must take this step to demonstrate that he can do it alone.
Travel is a continuous learning process.

From Algeria to Libya they folded me like a suitcase and put me in the trunk of a car
There is always a little bit of sadness when you leave a place
In Andalusia I found freedom of thought, a point of no return
The person who leaves is never the person who returns
The triangular shape represents the relationship with my mom

Migration is like a choreography, a behaviour adopted by the body to overcome obstacles by measuring space and time, a parkour of life, but at the same time it is also a joyful dance.

Childhood is like a fishing rod with which to collect ideas, feelings, friendships, the will to live.

"Travel multiplies the lives of men" Banana Yoshimoto (Jinsei no tabi wo yuku)