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DIRECTION > Dario La Stella – Valentina Solinas
PRODUCTION > Senza Confini Di Pelle
PERFORMER > Dario La Stella, Valentina Solinas, Stefano Visconti
COLLABORATION > Cantiere Canavesano, Legambiente, Green Peace, Comitato Acqua Pubblica, Cubetto
VIDEO > Mali Weil, Dario La Stella
LENGTH > 45 minutes
Premiére > Teatro Astra, via Rosolino Pilo 6, Torino, Italy – 1st October 2011 

LIQUIDI is a show that speaks about ecological matter using the science fiction, imaging a futuristic world. Liquidi speaks about current ecological problems of the earth, like the population increase, the reduction of energy resources, the increase of the garbage, the problem of the scarcity of drinking water. The setting of the plot of the show is the future, the 2111. After an ecological disaster all the polar icecap dissolved and the economic, social, politic set-up changed, with the establishment of a strong antidemocratic politic government that control the access of the population to the vital resources and the population increase. The liquidness with all its possible meanings is the core of this show: liquidity, fluidity of the relationship between people, liquidness of the water, that is the 70% of human body, and it emerges also from the quality of the body movements of the two characters in the show.