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DIRECTION > Dario La Stella, Valentina Solinas
DRAMATURGY ADVISOR > Valentina Piredda-Sardinia
SOUND TRACK > Lucio Dalla, Meredith Monk, Ryūichi Sakamoto, Subsonica
PRODUCTION > Senza Confini Di Pelle 2021
COLLABORATION > S'ALA - spazio per artist*, Meridiano Zero, S'arza Teatro
> Ministero della Cultura Direzione Generale Spettacolo, Regione Autonoma della Sardegna, Fondazione di Sardegna, Ente Parco Nazionale dell'Asinara, MUT Museo della Tonnara, Delcomar, Museo Casa Manno, CCNN Centre Chorégrafique National de Nantes, Univesità degli studi di Cagliari, Univesità degli studi di Sassari

174 REVOLUTIONS AROUND THE SUN is a dancetheater show born by the Overlap project.

Overlap is a multidisciplinary project between art and science that investigates the connection between birds and human migrations. The project is developed by a research work group since 2019.

The dramaturgy of the show is created by the conceptual reflections of the scientific research, focusing the plot on the biography as a constant migration, highlighting the real life moments, the social analisys, the biological and ornithological research.

The title refers to the Earth movement around the Sun that take one year to complete its path, its journey. 174 its the sum of the performer age, of their revolutions, of their lifes.

We witness to the events that have gone through the individual personalities, taking us near the joy and pain of each one, finding our self in the others, putting in relation our little microcosm with the enormous forces that move birds to perform intercontinental crossing and big planetary mass to circle in their stellar orbits.

All is articulated by a pressing rhythm with poetical and direct texts, with irresistible music, with choreograpies born by the signs left to the space by the bodies and sedimented across the time by lived experiences.

A concatenation of images and landscapes that carry on the audience to travel inside and outside of itself, with joy,
lightness, but also with an emotional depth that hug the human dimension in ritual of unity.