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Workshop of Performance in Nature

Residential workshop of performing arts in natural environment.
Deep in to the nature, the workshop is led by a dynamic approach to discover the relation body/natural landscape. Its structure is articulated in transit and pause moments in which the sensorial suggestion stimulates the creativity of the body.
The aim of the workshop is to enter in osmosis with the natural environment and to live it by the plasticity of the body.
We will research single and group performing actions born by the answer of the landscape in which we are immersed: the body produces images, enters in empathy and resonance with the environment of which is part.

The workshop is itinerant in the landscape around Casina Settarte, Ostuni (BR), Puglia region, Italy.
A wonderful place in which to absorb the stimulus of the Mediterranean scrub far from the civilization confusion.
The first day is spent to traverse the landscape that from the hill goes down to the sea. In the act of walking, the body sensorial activation rouses the memory of past events associated to the present and the
sequence of the steps stimulates images, words, tales.
In the next days we work on elaboration of the performing compositions (dances, texts, actions) born by the suggestions had during the walk.
It works in direct contact with the nature that becomes integral part of the creative process. The total immersion in the relation with the landscape is stimulus and base for the actions, it is to find oneself in the direct relationship with the body perceptions.
In some moments it will be also utilized the dance room of 200 square meters of Casina Settarte.
The work will be both personal in the own process of osmosis with the environment and in relation with the group.
There will be different phases during the day. In some days we will work in the night, in other days in the first morning before the sunrise. We will explore different dimensions of the landscape and one day will be dedicated to the work in the sea and on the beach.
At the end of the workshop it is expected a public demonstration.

Dance and theatre techniques will be used during the workshop and also original methodologies elaborated by the performing practice of Senza Confini Di Pelle.
Dance, for instance, is both an aesthetic instrument and a kinetic one: it can be suggested by the sinuous trunk of a secular olive tree, by the plants fold by the wind, by the fast or still clouds, by the earth cracks, by a lizard under the sun. Dance is both to embody a dynamic image and to reproduce it translated by the body movement. 
The perceptive exercises, instead, are used to open the body to its sensorial faculties, putting the sight in second order: the perception of the space is stimulated by the sound, the scents, the surfaces. The deep sensorial practices like the deep listening bring the body out of itself, beyond its skin borders, extending until where the sound arrives. I’m until my senses arrive.
The use of the tale is the element of connection between the sensorial perception and the production of evocative stories that recall to the mythology of the relation between logos and topos.
We will also use some experience of the
Land Art as those of Richard Long in which to leave a track of own transit becomes an aesthetic ecological form that reconciles culture and nature giving value to art as instrument of becoming conscious of human behaviour.
Another basic expertise used is the
Adhesion Methodology developed by Senza Confini Di Pelle through the Add Up Project between Europe and Brazil since 2011. The core of this practice is the body adhesion on to the environment utilizing a wide taxonomy that ranges from concrete to abstract adhesions. Through this methodology the body absorbs the shapes of the landscapes introjecting them to use as motive and generator of creative dynamics, of landscape dances.

Founded in 1993 in Puglia, Italy, Casina Settarte is a place of research and experimentation surrounded by nature. We work in the diverse languages of improvisation and education in movement art: Physical Theatre, Singing, Martial Arts, Meditation with a particular focus on dance and contact improvisation.
The site is surrounded by 2 hectares of land with Olive groves, fig trees, wild herbs (thyme, capers, oregano), almond trees and an organic garden which you can use for relaxation, research and creation.
The structure has one large dance studio of 200 square meters with wooden floor. The space is covered from sun and rain and has open sides with blinds that can be pulled down for further protection from wind, rain or sun.
Accommodation is possible in different solutions from Trulli (traditional house of Puglia region) to Bungalow.
Meals are mostly vegetarian.

From Saturday the 2nd to Friday the 7th of July 2016.
6 hours of daily work divided in morning, afternoon and evening.

Airport of Brindisi, low cost fly by Ryanair.
Arrival Saturday morning the 2nd of July 2016 - Starting workshop Saturday afternoon.
Departure Saturday morning the 8th of July
The cost of participation includes the
workshop, the accommodation and the meals.
Information and booking:
info@senzaconfindipelle.com - +39 3470561735 / +39 338 4040237
Deadline to send cv the 5th of June 2016