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Residential Workshop in Nature

The workshop DANCE AND LANDSCAPE will be realized in the Porto Conte Regional Park in Alghero, Sardinia (IT). It insert itself in a cycle of workshops that Senza Confini Di Pelle holds from 2016 on sensorial perception in relation with natural elements as instrument of choreographic research; the workshop Stromboli Dance and Perception realized in 2016 and 2017 and Asinara Dance and Landscape in 2018 and 2019 are part of this cycle.

DANCE AND LANDSCAPE is a workshop of research about the danced movement, it is realized entirely in nature; it offers a work about the expressivity and the creativity of own instrument body, in total immersion in the landscape that becomes part and stimulus for the creative process.

The workshop, that is 5 days long, is structured in a residential and intensive manner, in order to offer to its participants the opportunity to live the Island in its wholeness and to know its specificity.
The particular environment of the Porto Conte Regional Park allows to enter in contact with the natural elements in a unique and suggestive way: the wind, the sea, the rocks, the flora and the fauna, contribute together to create the perfect ground for a work on own body that, starting from the sensorial perception, carries to dance in osmosis with the natural ambient.

The workshops hours will be combined with guided tours of the Park, in order to know its history, morphology, flora and fauna.

During its 5 days, the workshop will be conducted in different hours and in different places, to totally experience the peculiarities connected with the moments of the day and with the different areas.
So the workshop will take place in the early morning, during the night, before the sunrise or at the sunset to catch the multiple games of colors, the diversity of the shadows, the variations of temperature, investigating the influence of these elements on the organism and its movement.

Great importance will be given to walking, considered not only as a movement in the space or as a going through, but as a deep knowledge practice and embodiment of surrounding environment.

During the workshop, dance, theatre and yoga techniques will be used and also original methodologies elaborated by the time by the performing art practice of Senza Confini Di Pelle.

The workshop days will follow the natural elements indication in relation with the specific places of the Park; for each specific element will be chosen the appropriate place to study it. The group will work on the sand, in the sea, in the vegetation, on the rocks, the cliffs, to experiment directions, dynamics, strength and rhythm of natural elements.

The dance work will be conducted in osmosis with the environment, trying to transmit a deep awareness to listen and respect the nature in all its vulnerabilities and magnificence.

The workshop considers the realization of a final performance in nature with the participants to the workshop. During the workshop the work will be on performing creation and composition carrying each participant to create his personal Dance Park, born by the elaboration of the suggestions collected: the combination of all the dances created by the participants.

The  workshop offers the opportunity of a total immersion in the natural ambient through the union between dance and landscape in the suggestive and exclusive setting of the Porto Conte Regional Park, getting also in touch with its scientific research activities. The Park context is a unique ambient in which the biodiversity shows itself with a suggestive and pure richness of flora and fauna.  https://www.algheroparks.it/

DATES > From the 05th of July to the 10th of July
DURATION > 5 days - 7 hours of workshop each day
REQUISITES > It is required a great openness to explore with the body new possibile relation with the natural environment. To have a well-trained body.

1. Body awakening
Gradual exercises on sensorial perception, worming up of all muscles, to prepare the body and the voice to the next activity.
2. Movement analysis
A technical study on the movement of the body in relation to the elements of the natural environment. Each moment of work is set in a different place depending on the type of element we want to investigate, sea, sand, wind, vegetation and the type of landscape in which we are immersed. The proposed exercises, specific to each natural element, address the issues of movement dynamics: force, direction, rhythm, in their relationship with the concreteness of the natural environment.
3. Group and individual improvisation
Starting from the sensory stimulations and the specific exercises, the single participant and the group are led to transform their suggestions into dance. In this phase each one frees his own dance starting from the single element studied in relation to himself, to the group and to the surrounding landscape. 

4. Choregraphic writining and composition
Composition work takes place at the end of each day where everyone will write a "little piece" of their own Park Dance.

5. Poetic elaboration
At the conclusion of each day there is a practice of processing the experience, reporting in poetic form what the body has gone through.

The structure that welcomes the workshop participants is Il Rifugio di Mare at Punta Giglio inside the Regional Park of Porto Conte. The structure opened in 2021 is completely immersed in the Park far from roads, houses and commercial activities.
Accommodation for participants will be in double or triple rooms with single beds and private bathroom. Meals will be taken in the break room. Board includes breakfast, light lunch and dinner. Vegetarian meals are also on the menu. https://rifugiodimare.it/

Alghero airport - http://aeroportodialghero.it/index_en.asp
The workshop takes place in the Regional Park of Porto Conte - Alghero (SS)

COST > 800 euro (included accomodation and meals)
EARLY BIRD > 700 euro until the 21st of May
REGISTRATION > workshop@senzaconfinidipelle.com

Dario La Stella and Valentina Solinas led workshop at CRUD (University Regional Center for Dance) University of Turin, to University of Washington in Seattle (USA) and to SESC Santo Amaro in San Paolo (BR).

Dario La Stella
Founder and director of Senza Confini Di Pelle, he is also author and performer of the company works. Master's Degree in Cultural Anthropology and Ethnology with a thesis on performing art, since 1997 led workshop and classes on performing art; In 2013 with the show “Add Up Space and Power” is one of the three choreographers selected by the European project Metamorphoses, with shows in Poznan (PL), Paris and Bruxelles.

Valentina Solinas
Degree in psychology, since 2004 is part of Senza Confini Di Pelle, author and performer of the company works.

Senza Confini Di Pelle since 2003 works on the field of Performing Art with national and international projects (USA, Francia, Cuba, Brasile, Polonia, Germania), producing shows, workshops, events and exhibitions. In 2011 and 2012 it played in New York City and San Paolo.



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VIDEO OF THE WORKSHOP "Asinara edition"